Thursday, January 26, 2012

Out of office...out of touch

Sorry for the lapse in blogging...

I've been doing a lot of this:

For work, I had the pleasure of driving to the opposite side of the State of North Dakota. I hate driving alone. I can only take so much of myself singing.

Due to being out of the office, and out of town - my fitness has gotten off track somethin' terrible this week.  I guess I should've planned ahead like SkinnyRunner does and checked out the status of hotel fitness rooms. But then again, the 6 drinks I may or may not have had might have detoured me from using it anyways. Not to mention those conference meals...yummy!

Anyways, this weekend I'll hit the gym up for some running and get back on my fitness track!

2 weeks until California!

My goal for next week is to try take more photos - I'm so bad a remembering to toss my camera in my bag! And to really count the calories and work hard at the gym!

Have a great day my Blog friends!

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