Friday, January 13, 2012

Gym Partners

I'm so fortunate to have an amazing gym partner! She keeps me motivated to push myself - to make goals, and stick to them!

Most of my close girlfriends aren't into the fitness thing - either they are naturally thin, or too busy to make it a priority. Which in my opinion, is great - hey, if you don't have to workout to maintain a fit body that's great. However, I have bad genetics. Therefore, it can take weeks and months upon months for me to lose any weight. My friends think I'm nuts for going to the gym at 5am. Well, I have to - this flab isn't going to fab by sitting on the couch!

This morning, I met up with my friend and gym partner, Claire -

We've been really working hard on interval training and weights and zumba the past year. If it wasn't for her, I probably would've given up on fitness a long time ago!!

She turns 50 this year, so on her 'bucket list' is running the Fargo Half Marathon. I agreed to run it with her! We'll start our official Half Marathon Training Program in February. I'm scared and nervous. I hope I can do it.

I was never a runner...or an athlete for that matter in High School. I was in volleyball in 8th grade, then I started babysitting after school for my cousin's so I didn't have time to be in sports. Once I was old enough to have a job, I started working a lot more. It was fun to have a paycheck that was all mine! I was in Swing Choir and Choir, but other than that - I have no athletic abilities. HA!

I started running about a year ago. I started out following the Couch to 5k plan, after reading other bloggers had great success following. I ran my first 5k in June 2011. It was fun!

June 4, 2011 - Dewey Kvidt Memorial 5k.......31:19
June 16, 2011 - Hillsboro 5k.....34:20
September 24, 2011 - Thompson 5k.....30:49 (PR)
October 22, 2011 - UND Homecoming Run 5k.....35:23 (the route ended up being 3.6 miles!)

Although my times are far from amazing...I'm still proud that I finished these. I look forward to running the Half Marathon!!

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