Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Wow - hard to believe 2011 is over!

We spent the afternoon celebrating our final Christmas for this year at my mom's house. We had an awesome steak supper, then opened up gifts. Of course the kids were spoiled!

My parents offered to babysit the kids overnight so we could head to a wedding reception...

Our friends...Jeff, Lisa, Groom - Jason, Bride - Darcie, Jenna and Jeff (Me and Mr. in the back)

This was a true ND wedding celebration...A garage party with 2 kegs, lots of food and some great 80's music.

On to my New Years Resolutions:

1.  Fitness Resolution: Workout minimum of 5 days per week.
2.  Running Resolution: To complete a half marathon and complete 1000 total miles in 2012.
3.  Home Resolution: To become more organized at home with a routine of housework, laundry, budgeting.
4.  Weight Resolution: Lose 25 lbs. and maintain it. Beginning 1-2-2012...since it's no fun to actually start your resolutions on the first day of the new year! I will be starting a weekly weigh in, food tracker and daily exercise report to help me with this goal.
5.  Relationship Resolution: To communicate more effectively with Mr. G. and take more time for us!

Happy New Year!!!

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