Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Back!

Sorry - I've been a bad blogger!!! I really want to keep a consistant posting schedule going, but I've been really swamped at work with Year-End and lots of stuff going on at home...

Fun stuff though... Thursday, my daughter turned 8! We had family over for pizza, cake and ice cream. We were hoping to do an ice skating party with her friends...but since the weather has been in the 40's and even 50's the last few weeks, we haven't been able to flood the ice rink in our yard.

The weather is seriously crazy here! North Dakota winters are known for blizzards and freezing temps..yet here we are in sweatshirts and no jackets!! I love it! No complaints here!!

Averie and my nephew, Rylan, playing a dance game on the Wii. Those two have some serious moves!!

My FIL (father in law) has always kept this little tradition for Averie and him to share. He keeps the turkey wishbone from Christmas to break with her on her Birthday. Pretty cute that he remembers to do this.
And the winner is...It broke equally! So, they both said they ended up with the lucky part of the wishbone.

Friday I worked off that ice cream and cake from the night before with running intervals and some ab work. Along with doing good on dieting, I've hit the gym hard - consistant workouts and weights. I'm feeling the results, so hopefully the scale will prove me right. The count-down for my California trip has begun! Less than 30 days, so I need to kick it in high gear!!

I'm looking forward to 4 hard days in the gym - 3 running intervals with some weights afterwards and maybe 1 day of zumba.

I'll post the interval workout tomorrow! It's a good one!

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