Monday, January 2, 2012

My first miles of the new year

Workout: 4.15 miles treadmill 44minutes - lazy run + the gym was about 95 degrees & did some weights

Today was a fun day with the kids and Mr. G. We headed into town and picked up groceries and visited at his parent's house for a bit. Why does dieting cost so much??? Yikes! Lots of chicken, eggs, fruits and veggies! I'm looking forward to getting started and sticking to a diet plan.

Last summer, after hearing how my grandmother had lost 38 lbs on the '17 day diet', I decided to give it a try. I ended up losing 13 lbs - which 8 of those I've kept off even after not following it for the past 6 months. I will be trying to follow a modified version of it once again - so hopefully it'll work for me! When I was on it, I felt somewhat low on energy. I'll be adding in some carbs to help with this on my long run days.

I had Mr. G do all of my measurements this morning, so I'm ready to start working out and seeing results!!

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