Thursday, March 1, 2012

Half Marathon Training

My friend, Claire, is turning 50 on April 11. On her 'bucket list' is to run a Half Marathon. So, being the awesome friend that I am (ha ha), agreed to run it with her. YIKES. I'm kinda freakin' out about it. I've never really ran further than 4 miles. I've only ran a handful of 5ks...and I wasn't in the lead on any of those! We searched a lot of the training plans that are out there...from Cool Running, Hal Higdon, Marathon Rookie to Jeff Galloway. We decided on the Hal Higdon plan. Neither one of us are pushing for a goal time. We just want to finish and hopefully not have to walk any of it.

We had planned on starting to train on Monday. We had a big snow storm come in on Sunday night, so I ended up not making the first day of does that sound like I'm making excuses already!?! To catch up on training, I had to run alone on Tuesday night - which totally sucked as I stared at the clock waiting to be done with my 3 mile run. Here's proof that I ran it...slowly. But still, I ran farther than the people still sitting on their couches, right?

Wednesday morning, Claire and I met at the gym for Day 2 of training. 3 miles....we had a warm-up included in the distance, so I ran a little further to make sure I put in the full 3 miles. our scheduled REST day. My legs really need it. Every time I get up from my desk I try to stretch my legs as much as I can. Wow are they ever sore!! I hope they are ready for tomorrow's training.... a 4 miler!!

Any tips for sore legs besides taking an ice bath? Not sure I could handle that - I guess I could go sit in a snowbank for a couple minutes!

Have a great day!!

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